IMPORTANT: LD Chairs & Vice Chairs Election - Louisville Metro Democratic Party

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IMPORTANT: LD Chairs & Vice Chairs Election


LD Chair

Meeting Location

28-A Julie Hardesty Starbucks/6731 Dixie Highway(Dixie Manor)
29-B Allison Amon Residence/10418 Black Iron Road
30-C Jim Stammerman Residence/4012 Lambert Avenue
31-D Carolyn Franklin Residence/2707 Gleeson Lane
32-E Jeff Barr Heine Brothers Coffee House/Westport Village
33-F Jerry Ferguson Starbucks
34-G Anne Lindauer Mid-City Mall/1250 Bardstown Road
35-H Pat Mulvihill All Wool & A Yard Wide Club/1328 Hickory Street
37-I Perry Clark Residence/4549 Southern Parkway
38-J Marianne Butler Old Louisville Coffee House/4956 Manslick Road
40-K Dennis Horlander Shively City Hall/3920 Dixie Highway
41-L Lesa Dae Dosker Manor/415 Muhammad Ali Blvd/Building A
42-M Reggie Meeks Democratic Headquarters/640 Barret Avenue
43-N Clarence Yancey 3719 West Broadway/Little Angels Day Care
44-O Steve Fein Residence/5207 Mt. Marcy Road
46-Q John Sommers Government Center/7201 Outer Loop
48-S J. Russell Lloyd Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church/4938 Brownsboro Rd


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