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President George H.W. Bush: 'Who The Hell Is Grover Norquist, Anyway?'

Grover Norquist: A truly horrible human-being.

The president whose legacy is partly defined by three words -- "no new taxes" -- seems to care little about the ubiquitous pledge that touts the same phrase.

In an interview with Parade magazine to be published Sunday, former President George H.W. Bush pans the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, the Grover Norquist-backed anti-tax oath that politicians sign to promise they will never vote for a tax increase.

In the 112th Congress, 238 representatives and 41 senators -- all but three of them Republicans -- have taken the pledge.

"The rigidity of those pledges is something I don’t like," Bush said. "The circumstances change and you can’t be wedded to some formula by Grover Norquist. It’s -- who the hell is Grover Norquist, anyway?"

His wife, former First Lady Barbara Bush, did not mince her words either when it came to the anti-tax crusader.

"I think he ought to go back to Alaska," she said, referring to previous comments she made about Sarah Palin in a 2010 interview. "Don't quote me!" [Video after the jump]

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The above video is a fascinating look at the cruel mentality of Republican operative Grover Norquist and his 'anti-tax-at-all-costs' followers.


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